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Little Luxuries For Less

P A T T Y . P A N . S Q U A S H
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P A T T Y . P A N . S Q U A S H

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This is a retail journal set up by Gwen pratapig07 & Sheena my_medicine.

We're best friends who loves handcrafting little luxuries for all the lovely girls out there.

Items may include:

* Rings
* Clutches
* Scarves
* Necklaces
* Cute Lil' Knick Knacks
* Etc.

Best of it all? Our prices are all very affordable!

We believe in bringing you the best items while you spend less.

Be sure to check out this site as we will be updating P.P.S monthly.

Our individual crafts will also be featured in this journal every now and then!

To all fashionistas out there, P.P.S hopes to bring you that little OOMPH! to your outfit.

Lots of love,
Gwen x Sheena

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